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The Ramones

July 13, 2014, 7:27 pm by vavoura •89 posted in Music » Punk , Views: 2516

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The Ramones were an American rock band that formed in the New York City neighborhood of Forest Hills, Queens in 1974. Despite achieving only limited commercial success, the band was a major influence on the punk rock movement in both the United States and, perhaps to a greater extent, the United Kingdom.

All of the band members adopted pseudonyms ending with the surname "Ramone", although none of them were related. They performed 2,263 concerts, touring virtually nonstop for 22 years. In 1996, after a tour with the Lollapalooza music festival, the band played a farewell concert and disbanded. By 2014, all four of the band's founding members – lead singer (and, at the time of founding, drummer) Joey Ramone, guitarist Johnny Ramone, bassist Dee Dee Ramone and drummer Tommy Ramone – had died. Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny all died in a space of three and a half years, less than nine years after the breakup.

Despite limited commercial success, recognition of the band's importance built over the years, and they are now mentioned in many assessments of all-time great rock music, such as the Rolling Stone list of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time"[6] and VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. In 2002 the Ramones were ranked the second-greatest band of all time by Spin magazine, trailing only the Beatles. On 18 March 2002, the Ramones – the three founders and drummers Tommy and Marky Ramone – were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In 2011, the group was awarded a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Punk rock icon Tommy Ramone dies

Tommy Ramone was the last surviving original member of the Ramones.

Punk rock fuel-injected the beat of rock and roll in the mid-1970s with a frenetic tempo. On Friday, the drummer who gunned out those rhythms with pioneering punk band the Ramones passed away.
Tommy Ramone was 65 and the last living original member of the band, which debuted its first album in 1976. Ramone was also one of the band's composers.
A notice of his death was posted on the band's Facebook page with his age. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame reported that he was 62.
Ramone was reportedly battling cancer when he died.

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