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Documentary - Nature Movies


Posted by crispino at April 19, 2016, 12:02 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


In 2009 a monumental underwater contemporary museum of art called MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) was formed in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc.

The project founded by Jaime González Cano, Director of the National Marine Park, Roberto Díaz Abraham, then President of the Cancun Nautical Association and English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor now consists of over 500 permanent life-size sculptures and is one of the largest and most ambitious underwater artificial art attractions in the world.

The Museum aims to demonstrate the interaction between art and environmental science and form part of a complex reef structure for marine life to colonize and inhabit whilst increasing biomass on a grand scale. All of the sculptures are fixed to the seabed and made from specialized materials used to promote coral life. The total installations occupy an area of... read more

A Killer Whale Called Luna

Posted by colibri at October 25, 2014, 9:29 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


This is the emotional story of one young killer whale’s quest for companionship after he was separated from his family. Luna was just two years old when, alone and confused, he found himself on the rugged, wild coast of Vancouver Island.

Following his tumultuous life, the film records the human friendships he developed and the trouble this led him into. From death threats to numerous capture attempts by the government, the film-makers watched as people tried to ... read more

The Deepest Place On Earth: Mariana Trench

Posted by koula.koula at September 23, 2014, 9:04 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


The Mariana Trench or Marianas Trench is the deepest part of the world's oceans. It is located in the western Pacific Ocean, to the east of the Mariana Islands. The trench is about 2,550 kilometres (1,580 mi) long but has an average width of only 69 kilometres (43 mi). It reaches a maximum-known depth of 10.911 km (10,911 ± 40 m) or 6.831 mi (36,069 ± 131 ft) at the Challenger Deep, a small slot-shaped valley in its floor, at its southern end, although some unrepeated measurements place the deepest portion at 11.03 kilometres (6.85 mi).... read more

Snake Island

Posted by aloisio at August 18, 2014, 8:40 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


Ilha da Queimada Grande, nicknamed Snake Island, is a 430,000-square-metre (43-hectare) island off the coast of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. It is home to an endemic species of Bothrops, the Golden Lancehead Viper (Bothrops insularis), which is one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

The Golden Lancehead is the only species of snake on the island, yet is considered in danger of extinction since it has no other habitat and might be wiped out by wildfire. The viper population is also at risk from inbreeding, effects of which are evident in the population.

In some places there are as many as one snake per square meter, while local legend claims there are five snakes to every square meter.

Plans to build a banana plantation on the island fizzled, but this is likely the origin of the island's name, as in Portuguese, queimada is a name for a slash-and-burn fire (i.e., to clear land for agriculture); so, the island's name would mean "the island of the big land-clearing fire." For a long time, the island's only inhabitant was a lighthouse keeper. Currently, the Brazilian Navy ... read more

Light the Ocean

Posted by Azul at August 14, 2014, 8:13 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


It's the ocean like you've never seen it before.Take a moment and watch this stunning documentary from National Geographic called “Light The Ocean”.

It reveals spectacular underwater landscapes and hidden structures in the ocean itself. You can see how landscapes and water interact on unimaginable scales to create an ocean world as diverse in habitats as anywhere on dry land.

Guys from National Geographic have travelled the planet, from the Antarctic to the deep waters of the mid-Atlantic to capture this spectacular new footage of the creatures that depend on these ocean habitats. They followed... read more

Uncovering the True Nature of Water

Posted by jurgen at July 10, 2014, 7:11 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


The theory of «water memory» has long been avidly acclaimed by pseudo scientists and their disciples. To some degree, the healing method of homeopathy is based on this phenomenon as well as the potent capacity of so-called «invigorated» water (Granderwasser). The controversy as to whether this water memory is a fantasy, charlatanism, or one of the most sensational discoveries of all time has been raging for decades- and the quest for the truth leads us to discoverers in the US, Russia, Germany, Austria and ... read more

The Mountain of Mystery | Planet Doc Full Documentaries

Posted by koula.koula at July 7, 2014, 7:54 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


In this documentary we travel to the oldest place on Earth. Here lies the largest, most intact virgin forest in the world, on the Guayana Massif, in the south of Venezuela, along the Brazilian border, the dwelling place of the gods of the Great Savanna of Venezuela.
In the interior of this green world lost in time, live men intimately adapted to their jungle environment which, though fascinating, is full of dangers. They are the inhabitants of the jungle, who live alongside and respect the endless different life forms around them. Their culture is ancient, almost as ancient as the landscape in which it has developed.... read more

Searching For Sea Monsters

Posted by juniorjack at June 7, 2014, 7:42 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


Imagine coming face to face with a cannibalistic creature that is as tall as you are and has long tentacles, a razor-sharp beak, and skin that flashes with bizarre, dazzling color. NATURE's Encountering Sea Monsters does just that, as underwater cameraman Bob Cranston explores the remarkable world of marine creatures called cephalopods. Cephalopods include squids, cuttlefish, octopi, and nautili.... read more

The Rise of Black Wolf

Posted by Courtney2 at April 25, 2014, 7:47 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


A black wolf is a melanistic colour variant of the grey wolf (Canis lupus). Black specimens are recorded among red wolves (Canis lupus rufus), but these colour variants are probably extinct. Genetic research from the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of California, Los Angeles revealed that wolves with black pelts owe their distinctive coloration to a mutation which occurred in domestic dogs, and was carried to wolves through wolf-dog hybridisation.[Wikipedia]

Follow the journey of a rebel named Black Wolf who breaks from his pack and survives to be one of the oldest wolves in Yellowstone. He'll travel paved roads most wolves avoid at all costs as he ventures out to mate with a rival pack's females. At... read more

Animals in Africa get drunk by eating ripe Marula fruit video

Posted by .xtend. at April 9, 2014, 9:33 pm in Movies » Documentary - Nature


The marula fruit is also eaten by various animals in Southern Africa. In the movie Animals Are Beautiful People by Jamie Uys, released in 1974, some scenes portray elephants, warthogs and monkeys becoming intoxicated from eating fermented marula fruit. Later research showed that these scenes, at least in large animals were improbable and, in all probability, staged. Elephants would need a huge amount of fermented marulas to have any effect on them, and other animals prefer the ripe fruit. The amount of water drunk by elephants each day would also dilute the effect of the fruit to such an extent that they would not be affected by it
... read more

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