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The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide

Posted by amauri at April 10, 2016, 3:23 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


It’s a war and cyberspace is the theater. Do Internet hosting services have a moral responsibility when it comes to what’s available on the Internet? Norton sends out his investigators to explore the secret world of what has become known as bulletproof hosting. They are called this because they are the most secure, impenetrable and inaccessible servers in the world. These are kingdoms and companies that are the Switzerland of the Internet because they host information in servers that only they have access to and some of them offer cybercriminals the privacy to conduct illegal exchange of information, malware attacks and ransomware breaches, among others. They operate beyond the reach of law enforcement and between international legislation.

The first stop is Sealand, an abandoned World War II gun platform. This fort that was built in international waters and has since then been declared a principality. A young man named Ryan Lackey founded the worlds’ first sovereign online state by creating a bulletproof data hosting facility there. His idea was to have a physical location where people could host servers for Internet sites with users all over the world. The attraction... read more

Nuclear Fruit

Posted by imarion at October 12, 2015, 9:46 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


The Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union sparked a series of reverberations that continue to resound throughout the international community even to this day. Some echoes from this intense period of conflict have made themselves evident in arenas we would least expect. Nuclear Fruit examines one such arena: the modern video game.

"Many of us have grown up with video games," the narrator announces early in the film. "But video games grew up during the war." Separated in five distinct sections, Nuclear Fruit traces that evolution in startling detail. It begins by spotlighting the increasingly prominent role of computers in defining wartime strategies, most notably evidenced by the history-altering contributions of Alan Turing, a noted mathematician who managed to successfully decipher the secret codes of... read more

ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie

Posted by sandoval at April 20, 2015, 10:07 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


This 2014 movie by Brandx Industries has at its core the very issues that are currently shaking the modern world: privacy, human rights, the role the government plays in the lives of its citizens, and the value and power of technology.

Most people have no idea what a hacker can do. Hackers don’t see locks as obstacles; to them they are simply entertainment that can lead to bigger and better things. Most freelance computer hackers don’t care about privacy or laws. They live by one rule: information should be free and everything can be simplified and coded and understood as information.... read more

The Digital Love Industry (18+ Documentary about Virtual Reality and Sex )

Posted by sandoval at December 9, 2014, 8:04 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


Technology has altered the way we experience the world and each other, but at what cost? Case in point: the notion of sex in the realm of virtual reality. This emerging field serves as the tantalizing subject for a new documentary titled The Digital Love Industry. Produced by VICE Media and hosted by correspondent Jo Fuertes-Knight, the film takes us around the globe to explore the various technologies that harbor the potential to compliment (or endanger) the future of human intimacy.

What if you could virtually simulate a sexual encounter with your favorite adult film star, or with a mate that you design using your ideal specifications? What if you could take your long distance relationship to the next level by forming a physical connection through specially designed pleasure devices?

From a virtual reality conference in Los Angeles to the capital of the world in the San Fernando Valley to development companies in the Netherlands and Amsterdam, The Digital Love Industry shows us that the technologies to achieve all this and more exist at this very moment, and... read more

Inside the Dark Web

Posted by barrios at October 9, 2014, 6:17 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


Inside the Dark Web turns to the topic of internet surveillance concerning the pros and cons of the ability for everything that passes over the immense World Wide Web being able to be watched, recorded, and analyzed.

The first aspect of the conversation examined by the film is Britain's GCHQ - The Government Communications Headquarters - which is a federal security agency whose mission statement reads "[The Agency] is constantly working to keep Britain safe and secure in the challenging environment of modern communication." The reason cited in the film as being the sole one the public has any knowledge of the agency's existence is because Edward Snowden leaked the information in his infamous documents.

Tim Berners-Lee, the man credited as the inventor of the Internet itself, explains that he sees the dangers being presented as the World Wide Web develops over the time. He makes the point that we have to understand, in regards to surveillance, that it is not people that are monitoring our internet activity in the initial tiers of these security agencies' efforts - it is computers, or the algorithms housed on them, that flag behavior designated as worth looking into further and then alert human security officials that... read more

Digital Amnesia

Posted by elliot at October 4, 2014, 9:45 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


Digital Amnesia is a documentary directed by Dutch filmmaker Bregtje van der Haak that explores the impact that the limited shelf life of digital technology will have on the way we store information, as well as the people and organizations who are attempting to preserve that data.

Focusing on the vulnerability of digital data, Digital Amnesia ponders the sustainability of modern artifacts that have no material state. Notable archivists share their perspectives on the Digital Age and whether it poses great promise or threat to the longevity of digital information and our collective memory.

Of the many quirky and amicable characters interviewed throughout the film, one of the most notable is Brewster Kahle, the passionate and energized founder of Internet Archive, whose mission is to preserve the Internet itself. Kahle explains his organization's purpose, highlighting the Wayback Machine website where users can access snapshots of pages long defunct.

Though the Archive exists primarily in the digital realm, Kahle guides us through the ... read more

The Next Black

Posted by demian at September 4, 2014, 11:10 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


Home appliance manufacturer AEG has launched a 45-minute documentary called The Next Black focused on the future of clothing, with the goal to anticipate what washing needs are likely to look like down the road.

Featuring interviews with representatives from heavyweight brands such as adidas through to Patagonia, the film looks to understand what people will be wearing and washing totay and tomorrow, and how the industry can become more sustainable in doing so. It was produced together with production company House of Radon.

It also stars tech-clothing company, Studio XO; Biocouture, a consultancy exploring living organisms to grow clothing and accessories, and Yeh Group, which is pioneering a new way to dye clothes using zero water.

“We talked to designers, innovators and leaders from around the globe – people who are rethinking the way we use clothes. They have a fresh look for the future and are using their passions to fuel change. It’s not just about what we will be wearing but ... read more

Making Stuff Stronger

Posted by sandoval at August 19, 2014, 7:45 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


Invisibility cloaks. Spider silk that is stronger than steel. Plastics made of sugar that dissolve in landfills. Self-healing military vehicles. Smart pills and micro-robots that zap diseases. Clothes that monitor your mood. What will the future bring, and what will it be made of? In NOVA's four-hour series, "Making Stuff," popular technology columnist David Pogue takes viewers on a fun-filled tour of the material world we live in, and the one that may lie ahead. Get a behind-the-scenes look at scientific innovations ushering in a new generation of materials that are stronger, smaller, cleaner, and... read more

Sky Archaeology

Posted by sandoval at August 1, 2014, 9:28 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


Archaeologist Richard Hansen and his team are seen trekking through the Guatemalan rain forest while a satellite above them sees through the dense jungle and guides them towards a lost Mayan city in their quest for a secret treasure, abandoned two thousand years ago.

The satellite in outer space reveals this mysterious location with the help of a magnificent new technology, as sensors mounted in satellites and on spacecraft can see what the human eye cannot.... read more

How Robots Will Change the World

Posted by Aketeron at June 10, 2014, 9:09 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


Robotics is the art and commerce of robots, their design, manufacture, application, and practical use. Robots will soon be everywhere, in our home and at work. They will change the way we live. This will raise many philosophical, social, and political questions that will have to be answered. In science fiction, robots become so intelligent that they decide to take over the world because humans are deemed inferior. In real life, however, they might not choose to do that. Robots might follow rules such as Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, that will prevent them from doing so. When the Singularity happens, robots will be indistinguishable from human beings and some people may become Cyborgs: half man and half machine.

Unfortunatly, due to Japan's shrinking population and poor government intervention plans, they will be completly unable to capitalize on their (shrinking) advantage in technology. India's vast advantage in the fields of technology, and... read more

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