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The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy

Posted by Thiago at May 22, 2016, 4:54 pm in Movies » Documentary - Environment


The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy, a new documentary produced by the acclaimed VPRO Backlight series, takes us inside the corporate offices and production lines where this groundbreaking work is being done, and examines what it could mean for the future of energy consumption on Earth.

What main factor will ultimately determine the widespread acceptance and use of solar and wind energy? In a word: cost. Once upon a time, investments in these alternative energy sources were considered an extremely risky proposition. After all, the cost to the consumers was many times that of energy powered by natural gas and other traditional fossil fuels. However, as argued by the film's impressive panel of expert industrialists and other energy entrepreneurs, new and... read more

The Necessity of Atheism by David Marshall Brooks

Posted by Thiago at November 3, 2015, 7:04 pm in Ebooks » Religion


Plain speaking is necessary in any discussion of religion, for if the freethinker attacks the religious dogmas with hesitation, the orthodox believer assumes that it is with regret that the freethinker would remove the crutch that supports the orthodox. And all religious beliefs are "crutches" hindering the free locomotive efforts of an advancing humanity. There are no problems related to human progress and happiness in this age which any theology can solve, and which the teachings of freethought cannot do better and without the aid of encumbrances. (Summary from the preface)




To early man, the gods were real in the same sense that the mountains, forests, or waterfalls which were thought to be their homes were real. For a long time the spirits that lived in drugs or wines and made them potent were believed to be of the same order of fact as the potency itself. But the human creature is curious and curiosity is bold. Hence, the discovery that a reported god may be a myth.

Max Carl Otto.... read more

Immigrants for Sale

Posted by Thiago at May 28, 2015, 8:09 pm in Movies » Documentary - Society


The detention of migrants has become a multi-billion dollar industry in which immigrants are sold to the highest bidder and traded like mere products. The Corrections Corporation of America, The Geo Group, and the Management and Training Corporation run over 200 facilities all over the nation. These facilities offer over 150,000 bed spaces and rake in a total profit of close to five billion dollars per year. The fact that these detention centers get paid for the number of people that are in the center per night offers, therefore, no incentive to speed up the legal processes and let the detainees leave the facility.... read more

ISIS: On the Frontline

Posted by Thiago at March 19, 2015, 7:41 pm in Movies » Documentary - Military and War


ISIS have taken control of large regions in northern Iraq and have committed atrocities beyond our imagination. To safeguard the sovereignty of Iraq, the leading Shia authority Grand Ayatollah Sistani released a decree encouraging the Iraqi people to join the armed forces and defend their country. Following the release of our recent documentary "'Islamic' Terrorism?", Ahlulbayt TV went to Iraq to find out what is happening on the ... read more

The New King of Coke

Posted by Thiago at January 13, 2015, 9:28 pm in Movies » Documentary - Drugs


The United Nations announced in 2013 that Peru has overtaken Colombia as the world’s top producer of coca, the raw plant material used to manufacture cocaine. For the past two decades, Colombia has been virtually synonymous with cocaine. Now that Peru has become the global epicenter of cocaine production, the Andean nation runs the risk of becoming the world’s next great narco state.

The Peruvian government is trying to crack down on the problem by ramping up eradication of coca plants, and devoting military and police resources to interdiction efforts. Despite the response — and a hefty amount of foreign aid devoted to combatting cocaine production — Peruvian coke is being consumed in the nightclubs of Lima and in cities around the world like never before.... read more

The Willows by Algernon Blackwood

Posted by Thiago at November 10, 2014, 9:37 pm in Ebooks » Short Stories


Two friends are midway on a canoe trip down the Danube River. Throughout the story Blackwood personifies the surrounding environment—river, sun, wind—and imbues them with a powerful and ultimately threatening character. Most ominous are the masses of dense, desultory, menacing willows, which "moved of their own will as though alive, and they touched, by some incalculable method, my own keen sense of the horrible."
"The Willows" is one of Algernon Blackwood's best known short stories. American horror author H.P. Lovecraft considered it to be the finest supernatural tale in English literature. "The Willows" is an example of early modern horror and is connected within the literary tradition of weird fiction.


After leaving Vienna, and long before you come to Budapest, the Danube enters a region of singular loneliness and desolation, where its waters spread away on all sides regardless of a main channel, and the country becomes a swamp for miles upon miles, covered by a vast sea of low willow-bushes. On the big maps this deserted area is painted in a fluffy blue, growing fainter in color as it leaves the banks, and across it may be seen in large straggling letters the word Sumpfe, meaning marshes.... read more

The Safety Pin by Joseph Smith Fletcher

Posted by Thiago at September 27, 2014, 8:59 pm in Ebooks » Mystery - Detective


An elderly man called Deane is murdered in an English town. Inspector Mellapont thinks it's a simple robbery, but others disagree, and Deane's business partner, an attractive young girl named Miss Pretty, offers a reward for information. No fewer than three rogues decide to improve their own prospects by investigating — the two Hackdale brothers, John and Simmons, working independently, and the town drunk James Bartlett, who sobers up rapidly when blackmail and extortion are in prospect. Attention centers on the mayor, Mrs. Champernowne; but when thieves fall out information gets into the hands of the police and a local solicitor, Francis Shelmore, and the plot unravels rapidly.


Shelmore, then three-and-twenty years old, had been in practice as a solicitor for precisely six months, and, probably because he had set up in his own native city of Southernstowe, the end of that period found him with exactly twelve clients on his roll. His line was the eminently safe one of conveyancing and the clients were profitable ones; he knew enough of his profession to know that his first half-year's experience was satisfactory and promising. Another fledgling, lower down the street, a former fellow-articled-clerk, admitted at the same time as himself, who had gone in for police-court practice, was doubtless having livelier times, but... read more

Understand Magnetism

Posted by Thiago at September 2, 2014, 10:34 pm in Movies » Documentary - Science


Without magnetism, we would not have music as we know and experience it today; we would not have computers, motor vehicles, compasses, or MRI scans. Magnetism literally shapes our modern-day world. Learn how magnetic forces were first discovered and how magnetism affects both humans and other animals. Explore the role of magnetism in computers, audio recording, medicine, travel and its importance in your daily life.... read more

Unwise by Randall Garrett

Posted by Thiago at August 13, 2014, 8:04 pm in Ebooks » Science Fiction


When a super-robot named Snookums discovers how to build his own superbombs, it becomes obvious that Earth is by no means the safest place for him to be. And so Dr. Fitzhugh, his designer, and Leda Crannon, a psychologist acting as Snookums’ nursemaid, agree to set up Operation Brain , a plan to transport the robot to a far distant planet. Mike the Angel--M. R. Gabriel, Power Design--has devised the power plant that is to propel the space ship Branchell to its secret destination, complete with its unusual cargo. And, as a reserve officer in the Space Patrol, Mike is a logical replacement for the craft’s unavoidably detained engineering officer. But once into space, the Branchell becomes the scene of some frightening events--the medical officer is murdered, and... read more

The Lost Caves of Tibet

Posted by Thiago at July 25, 2014, 9:32 pm in Movies » Documentary - Mystery


This documentary is the first of two which explore the cave temples found in Mustang, which is now a part of Nepal, though it was previously an independent kingdom.

Most of the temples are in very inaccessible places up steep cliff faces, and many of them have been abandoned by the local population, who cannot access them.


In 2007 Liesl Clark filmed her husband Pete Athans and climber Renan Ozturk as they tried to access some of these caves, and record them for the first time.

They had only a month to do the work on this visit, and they get off to a poor start being obstructed by snow blizzards.

Eventually they get some fine weather and began the exploration in earnest, turning up long lost paintings and artifacts from the caves, including manuscripts.... read more

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