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Thoth’s Pill: An Animated History of Writing

Posted by demian at June 19, 2016, 12:53 am in Movies » Documentary - History


Legend has it that as soon as Thoth, an Egyptian god, invented writing, he shared his discovery with King Thamus. But the King was all but impressed with the new system because he believed that it would cause forgetfulness in students. Since they would no longer need to rely on their internal recall system, they would begin to depend on these external marks. The King saw it as an unnatural intrusion.

But what was actually unleashed with the invention of writing? Just take a look around you and notice how people are constantly writing. Whether it’s on paper, on a computer or on a phone, writing has become more important as civilization progresses.

Thousands of years ago, artists took to etching and painting images of the animals they saw around them. Since paper had not been invented as yet, their works of art were made in the... read more

Where the World is Quiet by Henry Kuttner

Posted by demian at November 12, 2015, 9:39 pm in Ebooks » Science Fiction


The life of an anthropologist is no doubt filled much of the time with the monotonous routine of carefully assembling powdery relics of ancient races and civilizations. But White's lone Peruvian odyssey was most unusual. A story pseudonymously penned by one of the greats in the genre.


Fra Rafael saw strange things, impossible things. Then there was the mystery of the seven young virginal girls of Huascan.

Fra Rafael drew the llama-wool blanket closer about his narrow shoulders, shivering in the cold wind that screamed down from Huascan. His face held great pain. I rose, walked to the door of the hut and peered through fog at the shadowy haunted lands that lifted toward the sky—the Cordilleras that make a rampart along Peru's eastern border.... read more

Tree, Spare that Woodman by Dave Dryfoos

Posted by demian at May 31, 2015, 9:49 pm in Ebooks » Short Stories


The single thing to fear was
fear—ghastly, walking fear!

Stiff with shock, Naomi Heckscher stood just inside the door to Cappy's one-room cabin, where she'd happened to be when her husband discovered the old man's body.

Her nearest neighbor—old Cappy—dead. After all his wire-pulling to get into the First Group, and his slaving to make a farm on this alien planet, dead in bed!

Naomi's mind circled frantically, contrasting her happy anticipations with this shocking actuality. She'd come to call on a friend, she reminded herself, a beloved friend—round, white-haired, rosy-cheeked; lonely because he'd recently become a widower. To her little boy, Cappy was a combination Grandpa and Santa Claus; to herself, a sort of newly met Old Beau.

Her mouth had been set for a sip of his home brew, her eyes had pictured the delight he'd take in and give to her little boy.

She'd walked over with son and husband, expecting nothing more shocking than an ostentatiously stolen kiss. She'd found a corpse. And to have let Cappy die alone, in this strange world ...... read more

Hitler's Escape (2015)

Posted by demian at March 26, 2015, 8:48 pm in Movies » Documentary - Conspiracy


Mystery Quest examines the theory of whether Hitler escaped from Berlin at the end of World War II. Officially the Soviets claim that after Hitler committed suicide his body was burn and buried. His remains were later unearthed and taken to Moscow by the KGB. MysteryQuest sends a scientific team to Russian to attempts to run tests on those remains, interviews the last surviving member of Hitler's inner circle, investigates a computer recreation of Hitler's Bunker, and searches for additional remains in the places where... read more

The Great Book Robbery

Posted by demian at January 17, 2015, 8:44 pm in Movies » Documentary - History


70,000 Palestinian books were systematically "collected" by the newly created State of Israel during the 1948 war. The story of the "collected" books is at the heart of our film.

When the Arab-Israeli war raged in 1948, librarians from Israel’s National Library followed soldiers as they entered Palestinian homes in towns and villages. Their mission was to collect as many valuable books and manuscripts as possible. They are said to have gathered over 30,000 books from Jerusalem and another 30,000 from Haifa and Jaffa.

Officially it was a 'cultural rescue operation' but for Palestinians it was 'cultural theft'.

It was only in 2008 when an Israeli PhD student stumbled across documents in the national archive that the full extent of the 'collection' policy was revealed.

Using eyewitness accounts, this film tries to understand why ... read more

The Book of Dragons by E. Nesbit

Posted by demian at November 14, 2014, 6:37 pm in Ebooks » Short Stories


Eight enchanting tales about a variety of whimsical dragons, by a master of the craft, E Nesbit, are contained in this absolutely delightful volume, The Book of Dragons. While it's essentially meant for ren, there are plenty of adults who will find it irresistible enough to peek into and a most charming way to spend a magical hour.

Beautifully illustrated by the enormously talented Harold Robert Millar, the Scottish designer and illustrator famed for his unique and imaginative illustrations, The Book of Dragons is sure to delight both first time readers of the unique writer Edith Nesbit and those who have found pleasure in her other works.

Published at the turn of the twentieth century, the book received great acclaim from both parents and ren. Some of the tales are set in contemporary urban England, while others belong in more traditional Dragon Country, swathed in mists and moody climes. For present-day ren, steeped as they are in popular novels by JK Rowling and the Artemis Fowl series, The Book of Dragons would be familiar territory.... read more

True Islam

Posted by demian at September 28, 2014, 6:03 pm in Movies » Documentary - Religion


In medieval times, the firm belief that the world was flat led to the riots, isolation, and even death to those who dared to challenge this fallacy. Misconceptions and myths can be dangerous. Today, this same ignorance and intolerance has led to a backlash against Islam and Muslims. It will support the dissemination of true Islam, a religion of love, friendship, peace and brotherhood, and... read more

The Next Black

Posted by demian at September 4, 2014, 11:10 pm in Movies » Documentary - Technology


Home appliance manufacturer AEG has launched a 45-minute documentary called The Next Black focused on the future of clothing, with the goal to anticipate what washing needs are likely to look like down the road.

Featuring interviews with representatives from heavyweight brands such as adidas through to Patagonia, the film looks to understand what people will be wearing and washing totay and tomorrow, and how the industry can become more sustainable in doing so. It was produced together with production company House of Radon.

It also stars tech-clothing company, Studio XO; Biocouture, a consultancy exploring living organisms to grow clothing and accessories, and Yeh Group, which is pioneering a new way to dye clothes using zero water.

“We talked to designers, innovators and leaders from around the globe – people who are rethinking the way we use clothes. They have a fresh look for the future and are using their passions to fuel change. It’s not just about what we will be wearing but ... read more


Posted by demian at August 14, 2014, 9:05 pm in Movies » Documentary - Politics


Euromania is a film produced by Peter Vlemmix in which he voices his personal concerns over losing his beloved Holland to the European Union and investigates what being part of the E.U. really means for it’s citizens.

The European Union was one of the most brilliant ideas of modern society. It meant freedom, the end of wars, 28 countries joined together, one single coin, and no borders. But there is a down side to all of this: countries are losing their individuality as the EU becomes more and more involved in their trivial domestic issues. The EU is calling the shots about when and how to get pregnant, how much energy to consume, and agricultural habits. The big question is, where is the line drawn?

According to Wim Van De Camp, a member of the European Parliament, “To understand the European Union in a proper way you need some knowledge and some experience because it’s quite complicated… it’s a corporation of 28 sovereign states.” Van De Camp states that the economic framework is laid out in Brussels, but the details are managed in each country. Considering that a sovereign country is supposed to be boss over its money and laws, the definition offered by this Member of Parliament seems a bit twisted. He does admit, however that... read more

Homeless Fighter

Posted by demian at July 22, 2014, 8:22 pm in Movies » Documentary - Biography


Vyacheslav is 41, he's homeless and unemployed. He uses the entrances to blocks of flats as shelter from the cold and sleeps in suburban trains. He doesn't like his life but isn't ready to change it either. Vyacheslav is no ordinary bum, he's a fighter. Fighting is his hobby, his life and sometimes his income. He's toured all over Russia, from Vladivostok to the Chechen Republic. He's always produced impressive results wherever he went. Vyacheslav show that anyone can fight, his only problem now is ... read more

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